Dr. Kotlikoff (Boston University) and I discuss real-world solutions to our economy.

Small Government

Too much power is now based in D.C., which creates a disconnect between communities and its representatives. Let Washington State decide what is best for it - not bureaucrats in D.C.

Fiscal Responsibility

The National Debt is one of the greatest threats to our Republic. We must reduce spending, balance the budget, and work towards reducing our debt. We cannot leave this liability to our children.

Free Markets and Trade

Tariffs are a tax on consumers and have no place in our economy. We must have Free Trade and work with our allies to influence other countries to do the same.

Strong Second Amendment

As Americans, we have the absolute right to bear arms. While we should be receptive to ideas which can make our communities safer, those proposals should not prohibit our constitutional right to arms.

Strong Military & Allies

We must maintain the most powerful and advanced military in the world. This is not just to protect our shores, but our national interests abroad.  We must also work diligently to build and maintain closer and positive partnerships with our allies.  We are stronger together.


It is in all of our best interests to maintain safe and clean water, air, food, and land. We can continue to achieve these goals through tax incentives, resource management, and investments in technologies that also promote job growth and security. 

The Case Against Donald Trump

Why Trump is Unfit for the Office of the Presidency:

1. Donald Trump has twice called upon foreign nations to interfere in our election process. That alone is cause for impeachment. In the most recent case, he withheld critical U.S. aid to an ally facing existential threat from a historic U.S. adversary while urging that ally to find or manufacture dirt on his leading political challenger. He then worked to hide the evidence. True Republicans cannot condone this. 


2. He lies to the American public intentionally, unapologetically, and daily. His word means nothing. 

3. He is a narcissist. The President of the United States has a responsibility to do what’s best for the country and its citizens - not what’s best for himself, his family, and his personal business interests. 

4. He is a divider, not a uniter. Trump has neither the interest nor the ability to be a unifying force for the country. He revels in cruelty, deceit, and discord.

5. He has dangerously alienated our allies. Trump’s recent abandonment of the Kurds, for example, will have negative foreign policy and economic repercussions for decades. Other nations, including the State of Israel, are now rightfully skeptical of America’s word of honor. Trump's "America First" cry has morphed into an erratic "America Only" foreign policy to the delight of the world’s most dangerous regimes, including in Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran.

6. He has diminished our standing in the world, and his fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants international policy ultimately puts Americans in danger. 


7. He cannot manage or lead. Trump's revolving-door cabinet has led to the most dysfunctional and unstable administration in the history of our nation.

8. He openly mocks war heroes, military leaders, and Gold Star Families. Trump's "patriotism" is exemplified by his avoiding military service in Vietnam by submitting four bogus draft deferments for "bone spurs." He danced in New York City nightclubs while an unknown American took his place in the line. 

9. His knee-jerk economic policies harm Americans. Trump's trade war has put countless farmers in financial jeopardy and at risk of losing their land. Everyday Americans are paying more for goods and services than they were just a few years ago. His attacks and demands on the Federal Reserve set a dangerous new precedent. 

10. He has broken Constitutional norms for personal gain, control, and power. This, too, sets dangerous precedents for a nation built on the rule of law. 

11. Trump has stripped money lawfully allotted by Congress from the military, public schools, and emergency relief efforts for suffering Americans because Mexico didn’t pay for the wall in the end. Another broken promise. 


12. He is stealing from our children. Trump has run up the national debt to an unprecedented level, endangering the economic future of our children and grandchildren. His deficit spending far exceeds even President Obama’s, and Trump shows no willingness to reverse direction. 


Why Trump Must be Impeached

1. Abuse of power: He has solicited foreign countries to investigate political rivals. This is in direct violation of the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution: Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8. It also places the President of the United States at risk of blackmail by foreign governments. 

2 Obstruction of Justice: By refusing to comply with Congress' Constitutional oversight and subpoenas, as well as preventing others from doing the same, he has attempted to prevent Congress and law enforcement officials, including duly-appointed Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, from properly investigating potential wrongdoings. This is in direct violation of his Oath of Office. 

3. Abuse of Public Office: He uses his office for financial enrichment in direct violation of the Emoluments Clause.


About Us...

Christie and I in Key West

Early Years...

I was raised in Texas and married my high school sweetheart (and best friend) over 26 years ago. I attended Baylor University where I received my BA in Biology/Minor in Chemistry. After graduation, I helped establish one of the top healthcare recruiting firms in the country. During that time, we had two boys (now 15 and 19) and, due to my professional success, we purchased a sailboat in 2001 and spent most of the next 14 years cruising. The cruising life was a true blessing as it allowed us to share parts of the world with our children that most would never see. It also gave us an incredible realization of how important family is and how we can all work together - even when we have different cultures and ideologies. 


The Most Beautiful State in America...

We decided to move back to land when it was time for our children to go to high school. So in 2014, we sold the boat and moved to Washington, the most beautiful state in the country. We have settled in Vancouver, WA with the most wonderful people, beautiful scenery, and a neighborly lifestyle we cherish. 


How I Got Into Politics...

I had no interest in politics (never had). But the years offshore gave me a unique viewpoint on the state of our Republic: it was not healthy. Divisions have been growing, populism and socialism are rising, and my family and I have watched in despair as things continue to get worse. When Trump took over the GOP -- driving a message of division, populism, and isolationism -- I realized that my family and I could no longer stand by and watch. We had to act. Very reluctantly, I entered the political arena as an advocate for reform.

Brian Mistrot & Heath Mayo

Meeting Other Conservatives...

I traveled significantly over the next many months and built allies across the country. I joined movements which were focused on election reform. In 2018, I helped merge independent political parties across the country into one, large 'centrist' political party called the Alliance Party which I led as National Chairman. In September of 2019, I stepped aside from that role in order to have a direct say in Republican Party politics in 2020 and to try to save it from the toxic rhetoric and policies of Donald Trump. It is my firm belief that the Republican Party remains the best possible vehicle for conservatism in America -- if it returns to its core principles. If Donald Trump is allowed to lead it for five more years, the GOP’s traditional conservative brand will be irrecoverable.  


My Message...

We must find a way to unite as a country. Period.

The only winners in a divided United States are those outside our borders who wish us harm. We must work together again to solve our common challenges. Our goal as Reaganites should be restoring faith in our political system, solving our nation’s challenges in a bipartisan fashion where necessary, fighting socialism and irresponsible populism, and reviving our nation as the beacon light of freedom, integrity, and democracy.

Reagan called our nation that "shining city upon a hill." We must make her shine again.